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your hard femme dream has arrived.

why hello there.
yes, I'm the weird one, mister.

Your deepest day dream and most lovely nightmare, I'm Miss Victoria Cate.  I've been in the industry professionally for ten years and have had the amazing opportunity to live out some of my biggest fantasies and be apart of other's as well.

 Remember that goth girl in high school that you always had a crush on? We all know the one: Doc Marten boots, pouty black lips and a taste for the wild side of life. I've always been that girl and wouldn't change it for the world.


With a BA in journalism and a minor in women and gender studies, I'm not shy about pontificating the 'what if's' and 'how so's' of life. Our eyes will lock over a glass of deep red wine, a lull in a stimulating conversation. You smile, and then I smirk. One of the many ways I  like to start off a date.


Dressing up is one of my specialities and premium lingerie brings me joy. I love to be spoiled, and never turn down a generous gift. Sometimes ditching the buzzcut for a wig feels more fitting and fun. Let me know if you have a wig choice in mind while booking. The possibilities with me are endless. Let's dive into together and only come up for air when we are gasping.


Kinky doesn't even begin to describe me. I've always been a dominant woman, but sweet and tender at the same time. If you are submissive or have a certain fetish be sure to contact me to learn more about how you can be of use to a Duchess like me. 


miss Victoria cate

the fun stuff


Age: 30

Eyes: An alluring hazel

Height: 5ft 4 inches

Shape: Curvy punk rock hourglass

Bra size: 32FF

Shoe size: 9

Favorite color: purple

420 friendly

Drink of choice: vodka cranberry (don't forget the lime!) and I love a good sparkling rose

Piercings: ears, nose, face

Tattoos: 28 and counting

Fully vaccinated

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